Emily Noble Day Summer Camp Scholarship Fund

Emily was a member of the Frontier Culture Museum family as a full-time interpreter for six years. She chose the Museum as her first job after her post-baccalaureate degree, and she was loved by her colleagues when she passed in 2022.

Her talents at the Museum were vast. She was an extraordinary basket maker, and an expert at hearth cooking, brewing, cheesemaking, gardening, and building conservation. She had a big heart for animals, having taken great care of and showed much love to the Museum's livestock.

Emily had an affinity for children, and she saw the impact of her work interacting with them during the summer camps that run for 8 weeks every year. Her family has established the Emily Noble Day Summer Camp Scholarship Fund to provide children that cannot afford the fee, the opportunity to enjoy the many educational activities at the Museum's outdoor exhibits. The Museum's summer camps give children the chance to enjoy nature, to exercise, and to thrive in the company of other kids their age. We are grateful to provide this opportunity in her honor.

Sally Day established the Emily Noble Day Summer Camp Scholarship Fund in memory of her daughter, Emily. As a child, Emily was a happy summer camper at the museum and as an adult, she was a full time employee, working as a Costumed Interpreter. The scholarship fund allows children the opportunity to experience all the museum offers and perhaps will inspire the next generation of museum staff.