Help Support the Frontier Culture Museum Costume Department

How Important is Clothing in History? A living history museum like the Frontier Culture Museum flourishes when it can represent the material culture of an era. A vital element of material culture is clothing. Historical clothing tells a story about the age, class, gender and nationality of the character represented.

This is education AND entertainment!

A select few, highly skilled Museum interpreters make clothes for themselves and for other interpreters of the living history exhibits. Often a visitor can watch these costumed interpreters in action, sewing these garments in the new tailor’s shop. But these historical pieces of fabric fiber, weight, weave, and color are often expensive and hard to find. Accurate construction requires unusual time-consuming sewing skills and extensive hand work. And think of the yardage the older clothes require in comparison to modern day clothing! And of course, there are shoes and hats needed as well. Museum does a lot with a very small budget. Let’s change that and get them the support they deserve!

Please help us present our American history.

Support the interpreters’ costume-making at the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia , then visit the Museum to see your support in action!

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Erin meadows
(Eddie Edwards Signs)


“I choose to support the American Frontier Culture Foundation in an effort to help provide future generations the same opportunities, experiences and hands on learning offered at the Frontier Culture Museum that I was able to have as a child as well as continue to have as an adult. The Museum's work in continuing to expand and represent different cultures is important to our diversity of thought and evolving communities.”

Shannon Sankar (Standout Arts)


"Standout Arts loves supporting nonprofits who are making a difference within our community - and abroad.

By supporting the important work of the American Frontier Culture Foundation, we're able to help the Museum to expand its reach and maximize its impact on children and adults who visit locally as well as travel from around the globe to experience the unforgettable exhibits."

Bradley Howdyshell
(Thacker Brothers Funeral Home)


"With a life-long interest in history and historic architecture, the Museum has been a part of my life for nearly 30 years. I have witnessed wonderful experiences for children & families that are available nowhere else. Believing that we have much to learn from our past and a desire to invest in the future of our community, my company enthusiastically supports the Foundation's fundraising efforts and its mission of Bringing the Past to Life."

Dorothy Duval Nelson
(New Orleans)


"The Museum has enabled me to re-connect with and broaden my discovery of the Valley and to share these experiences with my family. Memory and identity are the avenues for my interest: where did I come from and, therefore, who am I? My family's Virginia roots are deep, and having the privilege to physically explore ancestors’ environments, taste their cooking, marvel at their clothing, respect their labor, and enter their world through the Museum’s exhibits is a gift for which I am very grateful and which I hope to perpetuate through my support."

Scarlet Whitlock


“I’ve been volunteering at the Frontier Culture Museum with the Foundation for over ten years.  The fundraisers and themed events raise donations that pay for so many children to visit the Museum. Frontier culture holds a wealth of knowledge and gives children a chance to experience other cultures they possibly never get the chance to see.  It’s the story of how we all came together.  This place is a great asset. I’m always ready to volunteer here and see people having fun at the Museum.”